Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Just say what you mean and mean what you say. Don't expect someone to read your mind, and don't play games with heads or hearts. Don't tell half truths and expect trust when the full truth comes out. Half truths are no better than lies. Don't be cold to someone you care about, cause indifference hurts more than angry words.

Monday, May 2, 2011

There are basically two types of Pisces men - those who go against the tide and those who go where it takes them. The former types remain on the lookout for the right opportunity, struggle against the world to utilize its full potential and triumph over life. The latter types remain tangled in their dreams, may not notice even when the opportunity knocks at the door and may miss the bright sunlight of success.
A Piscean man needs to develop the personality traits of resolute judgment and unwavering actions to realize his ambitions and be a winner. He also has to bury his old, unrealizable dreams if he wants to move ahead in life. All this doesn't mean that he is weak or feeble. It's just that he lives in his dreams too much and has to will himself to get up and indulge in real action. When he manages to brush off the starry dust from his eyes, he sees the real world and then, goes about doing the business of earning his bread. A Piscean male has a very clever and sharp mind. The moment he starts working towards practical aims, you can be sure that he will win the next 'Achievers Award'.The only problem comes in making him look beyond those unrealistic dreams. If your fish knows how to swim against the current, you can be sure that you are luckiest girl on this earth.
After we have dealt with the practical aspect of the relationship, lets come to the emotional one. This is something you will never have to worry about, with a Pisces guy. A Piscean man will never ever be short on emotions and romance. Infact, he practically breathes them. If the practical aspect of his characteristics profile is fine, you can be sure you have been rewarded with the best guy in the world. He never holds a bias against any person. You will never find him passing a judgment in context of anyone, unless and until he has experienced the same situation in which that person is now. Even then, he will try to understand that person's reasons, rather than criticize him. Accusations don't go down well with him either.
A Pisces man is never ever mean. However, at times, he may say something, which turns out to be quite different from what he intended. He is totally dependable and you can trust him with your darkest secrets. He is a very good listener and people always come to him to discuss all their major and minor problems. When he is with you, try not to burden him more with your tensions too. Throughout the day, he has been listening to other people's troubles and the way he is, he would have absorbed all those negative energies. Now, when he is with you, he needs to get all of this out of his system and rejuvenate himself. Piscean men have such an empathetic disposition that they need to rest every now and then, to bring back the calmness and steadiness. If they want to be left alone, they should not be disturbed.
Closeness and togetherness is good, but let them have their moments of solitude. Give them the space they desire and the heart will only grow fonder. A Pisces man is very sensitive and can get hurt very easily. He appears to be confident of himself, but on the inside, he is painfully shy. He needs to know that you appreciate him, care for him and love him. He has a very quick temper, but the anger subsides as quickly as it comes. He will never remain angry for a very long time and will seldom hold a grudge. He has the ability to see right through people's outer layer and that makes it very difficult to fool him. On the other hand, he can fool you if he wants and such situations will arise frequently, since he likes to keep his own affairs to himself. A Piscean man may speak a small lie once in a while. This is because he has some secret fear of revealing all about himself. However, you don't need to worry, as these lies will always be completely harmless and help keep his imagination running.
Jealously is not one of the personality traits of a Pisces male. He trusts you totally, but remember he is also a man and will definitely expect loyalty from you. As far as he is concerned, you will get plenty of reasons to be jealous, as he will have close friends of both the sexes. He will also appreciate beauty, but he will never be disloyal. That's just not him. If you can cope up with this, you will be rewarded with the most romantic husband, with whom you talk about almost everything under the sun.
A Piscean guy is never too cautious about money and you will have to handle that front. Infact, you need to present yourself as the perfect example of a saver and he will, sooner or later, follow suit. He learns quickly from the people he admires and respect, so what better person than you to teach him economy. With children, he will be a lot of fun and extremely loving. He will listen patiently to their childish problems, provide them with solutions, keep their imagination oiled and minds active. However, teaching them discipline will be your responsibility. Remember that a Pisces man is very fond of his dreams. Never ever step on them or laugh at them - he will be hurt. Infact, believe in them and one day, you may be walking on the red carpet besides him. Trust him, give him love and keep him emotionally nourished. In return, he will shower you with lots of love and affection and provide you with a happy and rich home.
A Piscean characteristics profile exhibits loads of charm and a very easygoing attitude. He is not bothered by restrictions, as long as he has the right to dream and live his own life. Radical opinions do not stimulate him at all, nor do insults make him agitated. Very few things compel him to lose his temper.
When a Pisces does get angry, it is better to stay away. He can give the most sarcastic comments, be extremely rude and lash you with a scathing tongue. The best part is that the anger seldom lasts long and he will be his usual placid self again. When he sees the world, his eyes seem to be covered with rose-colored spectacles. Pisceans live in the world of their own, even when they are completely aware of the rough side of humanity. In their world, everyone is good and everything is beautiful. They have a very sharp memory and tend to remember the minutest of details.
When we give a description of Pisces personality, one of the basic traits that come in mind is its soothing stability. Even in the worst of storms, a Piscean will never panic and will maintain his poise. He has a good intuition and if he tells you not to go out of the house on a particular day, it is better to stay indoors. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and represents death and eternity. It has a blend of the qualities of all the other zodiacs. It is because of this fusion that it becomes very difficult to truly understand a Pisces.He is a great organizer and pays attention to details (like Virgo), has a fair and detached judgment (like Libra), is sympathetic and moody (like Cancer), displays honesty and kindness (like Sagittarius), loves people and attention (like Leo) and is analytical (like Aquarius). At the same time, he talks very quickly and expertly (like Gemini), is passive and stubborn (like Taurus), can know your deepest secrets (like Scorpio), shows dedication to duty (like Capricorn) and overflows with optimism, innocence and zeal (like Aries).
A Piscean likes to argue, loves nature and holds fierce ambitions. He is deeply interested in music and art. He has great wisdom and is very compassionate towards the weak. He loves to help people in distress and utilizes most of his energy doing this only. You will never know when a Piscean is profoundly hurt. He hides his deepest emotions behind a veil of humor. The humor may be warm and innocent or cold and ruthless. However, it is sure to be a mask for some other emotion, more often than not. Laughter is his best cover and he will use it wisely. He has compassion for the sick and even tries to understand the feelings of the lonely. Even those who are weak by choice will get Pisces shoulder to cry on.
He never judges people and accepts them just as they are. He knows all your vices and virtues, understands them and will still be there if you need him. He wants to help everyone; still most of the people fail to understand the sensitivity of the fish. He absorbs the positive as well as the negative vibrations around him. The world needs the creativity, imagination and empathy of Pisceans and they know it. Very often, they bury their own dreams to see their loved ones realizing their ambitions.
One quality of Pisceans that is very annoying is that they hate to answer questions in a simple 'Yes' or 'No'. Mostly, the answer will be a 'Maybe'. Still, he cares and he lets you know that. He is much stronger and wiser than most of the other people, he only has to realize it. The moment he struggles against the tide, you know he will reach the shore before anyone else.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

okay i know this is random! like FINALLY AFTER A YEAR PLUS OF NOT UPDATING, here im would like to post about my horoscope which i find it so damn true:D

Capricorn, with goat as the symbol of the zodiac sign in the Chinese astrology, has earth as its element, Saturn as its ruling planet and garnet as its stone. Those belonging to this sign are proud of their achievements in the pursuit of life and they have a powerful resilient energy as their vibes. Their secret desire is to be admired by their family and friends and the world at large. They are of the quiet type but they are great achievers in business and so with life. Actually there are two different types of Capricorn.
The first type is represented by the mountain goat which aims to always climb higher and higher until reaching the top. He never stops until he gets there and this is the Capricorn seen as a typical example of the saying, try and try until you succeed.
The second is the garden goat, which is not either an adventurous one or an ambitious type who is already content and satisfied with what he is at the moment. He will not be motivated to move forward until pushed by other people. However, these two types are both patient and persevering. There are able to reach their goals guided by the principle that a journey starts with a single step and the starting step is always the most difficult.
A Capricorn always tries to balance work with play. With the goal to continue the uphill climb to success, they always rise to the occasion when faced with a new task or when given a deadline. Even if overcome by obstacles, their ambition to reach the top keeps them moving on and upwards. They are conservative and cautious and are willing to try new approaches in order to become successful in love and in business.
In romance, they want a permanent relationship with the one giving them affection, even though they don’t give back that affection themselves. Because he is ruled by Saturn, the planet that represents responsibility, structure and hard work; the Capricorn are ambitious, practical and organized. Many are borderline workaholics but are not dull or gloomy and sometimes erupt at unexpected moments since they have an offbeat sense of humor.
They are motivated by success, money, status and authority and most of all, by love, though they don’t want to admit it. They are very cautious when entering into a new love relationship but once they already feel safe with their partner, they start to melt and open up to reveal a sensitive and loyal heart. As a friend, Capricorns can be relied upon, strong and sympathetic always ready with a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on.

Capricorns tend to be melancholy and making them laugh is always appreciated. It is important that you have knowledge of any topic under the sun and talk about it, but not their emotions, and won’t mind to listen to yours. When they feel they are safe with you, they start to open up but only on conventional things because they don’t want to hear shocking ones. They want gifts that are practical and useful, not lavish ones which are just pushed aside.
They want high class gifts though, and upscale dates, too. It should be to an art gallery, or a first class theater, or an elegant restaurant. They are punctual and don’t want to be kept waiting. Exercise patience in dealing with them because even if they are aloof or indifferent outside, they can be physical and very passionate inside.
The Capricorn woman is romantic and loving but needs the right man to come along to expose this. She may not seem like she does not care about love and this is perfect for the man who likes to be challenged. Never rush her into a relationship, because she takes time and patience getting into it. Because she is a very classy and upscale woman, you have to woo her by showering her with nice but practical gifts. She is domineering and wants to control the relationship but if she has her way, taking the lead will steer you both to the correct approach because she is smart and intelligent and will offer you a long and lasting love, which is the best ingredient for happiness and marriage.

They are highly motivated by love, though they do not want to admit it. But after they are slowly taken in by the partner’s trust, they come out of their shell and open up, and become very loyal, tolerant, possessive and dedicated towards them. They are very romantic and care for their partner deeply. They marry their true love, take the marriage seriously and do everything possible to nurture the relationship and keep it healthy. They don’t want the relationship to be made fun off and are not the first ones to shy away from the relationship or commitment.

You may face some challenges when it comes to dating a Capricorn woman. A Capricorn woman can be fiercely independent and if you are a traditional man, you may find it a bit hard to woo her affectionately, as she wants to be in charge of everything including you. At times the Capricorn woman can also get traditional but is discrete about it. Though she is not selfish, she has certain ways of taking care of things in order to get harmony and maintain a balance in her life. Here are a few suggestions on how to date a Capricorn woman.
A Capricorn woman loves wit and humor, so if you are planning to romance a Capricorn woman, have a good sense of humor and make her laugh with goofy or witty humor. This will help her to relax and open up, and you will also discover her funny side.
If you want to carry on a dialog with a Capricorn woman, choose relevant and meaningful topics that will hold her attention, as Capricorn women are known to love stimulating and interesting conversations. Though she may appear to be shy and hesitant in the beginning, she will finally warm up to you if she knows she can trust you.
Capricorn women expect to be valued and treated in high esteem. So make her feel loved and wanted by showering her with surprises, things that she really requires, and wants and gifts that will genuinely interest her. Be sensible when you get her a gift, specially if you are dating her for the first time. Also remember that you cannot buy her love with gifts that are too flashy or very expensive.
Respect her independence and never crush her leadership qualities as this is what makes her desirable. If you feel that she is taking charge of the relationship, then know that she is willing to share the responsibilities in making the relationship work and she will help you out in figuring out things in a smart and real way.
Capricorn women adore fine arts like theater, art galleries, museums, fancy restaurants and jazz clubs. So if you want to impress your Capricorn woman, take her out on a date to these places and who knows these trips may help you win bonus points.
Practice patience when you are dating this lovely lady as she is passionately caring, responsible, loyal and mysterious and expects the same strong ideals from her man also.